10 Tips For Renting in Manchester City Centre

Date Published 10 April 2017

In this article we will be providing 10 useful tips when considering a property here in Manchester City Centre. The article advises on the search stage, right through to putting down a deposit on a dream property. If you have any questions about the contents of this article then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

1. Work out what is important- write a checklist of everything that is important to you. Parking? Outside space? Furniture? Dishwasher? You may need to compromise in finding the right apartment, so start with necessities.

What can you afford- set a maximum budget and stick to it! Generally speaking, all good agents will reference their applicants. The general rule to meet the affordability terms is a gross household income exceeding 2.5 times the monthly rental. For example, if the rent were £1000 per calendar month, you would need to provide supporting evidence of gross income exceeding £2500 per calendar month (this can be joint income if there are two or more applicants). If not don't worry, there are other options available. Speak to your agent about these.

Area- are there any particular areas within city centre you prefer? Northern Quarter? Castlefield's? Oxford Road? Do your research before and visit these places to get a feel for the area.

When do you want to move- finally work out a time frame. It is no good looking at properties that are available now if you can't move for another month.

Planning before hand is going to save you a lot of time in the long run. You will be able to use this criterion to whittle down units online, and increase the efficiency of your search.

2. Start looking 4- 6 weeks in advance. This is the general notice period of current tenants, meaning the optimal number of properties will be on the market during this time. The closer it comes to your move in date, the less availability there will be.

3. Use the portals to compare units and prices. The majority of stock will be advertised on Rightmove and Zoopla. Use these portals to input your requirements, open up the most relevant adverts and compare these units to formulate what you want to view, and the price you should be paying.

4. Important questions to ask before the viewing:

• Check the advertised apartment details are all correct.
• Is there anything else coming on the market that may be worth viewing at the same time?
• What are the fees involved with renting the property? Deposit amount? Agency fees? Any other fees?
• What do I need to bring with me if I want to secure the apartment?
• What is the referencing criterion?
• What is the minimum tenancy term?

5. Don't look at too many properties at once. It could be too much information to take in, so ensure you take your checklist with you. Qualifying adverts and agencies at the search stage should leave the most suitable properties.

6. Arrange viewings during the day. This will enable you to identify any problems earlier, and see how much natural light comes into the property.

7. Important questions to ask at the viewing:
• What's included in the rent? (What furniture? Bills?)
• Has there been much interest?
• Is the property managed or let only?
• When is the rent due? (Weekly or monthly)
• How much notice do you have to give to leave?
• How much deposit is required?
• How much is the council tax per month?
• How is the property heated?
• What are the neighbours like?

8. Be open minded- if you go into the property and it's a mess, try and look past this. If you decide to proceed and feel that the property needs work, then make the agent aware and add these conditions to your offer.

Be prepared to compromise, sometimes not everything you want will be available or within budget.

9. Make sure your deposit is held with a secure and recognised scheme such as the TDS or DPS.

10. Be prepared to move quickly. The Manchester rental market is very strong and apartments are going fast. If you find a property that's right for you, then be ready to proceed.