Block viewings – simple, smart and civilised

Date Published 06 June 2017

Our cousins in the ‘real estate' industry across the Atlantic have long held ‘open houses' as a way of selling homes.

We tried this method before and found it was outperformed by what we call block viewing days.

A block viewing day works in a similar way to the open house technique but with one major difference.

Rather than everyone descending on the property like bargain hunters at the New Year sales, with sharpened elbows and no allocated time slots, block viewings are far more civilised affairs.

At Case McNair block viewing day one of our staff will be present at all times to show viewers around. In 30 minute slots potential buyers get time to look around unhindered and unpressured by other people viewing the property.

From a vendor's perspective they make life easier and are proven to be more effective. You only need to prepare your property once and can head off to do something nice while we take care of the viewings.

So whether you're with the family at the park, playing a round of golf or having a coffee with friends you can relax knowing that everything is under expert control.

The results speak for themselves. We have achieved a sale with offers at or above the asking price for 97.3 per cent of the properties we have sold.

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Case McNair Team

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