Shower power versus bathtub bliss

Date Published 13 June 2017

Imagine a world without baths – it`s easy if you try. (Wasn`t that a John Lennon lyric?)

A footballer being sent off for an early shower doesn`t have the same ring to it does it? (Have you seen the baths in the dressing rooms at Wembley Stadium? Seriously, you could actually swim in them.)

Having a soak in a hot shower doesn`t sound quite as appealing as relaxing in the tub.

However, we`re seeing more and more properties without baths. The most common reason for this is to create extra space.

If you have a big bathroom and a capable builder often, with a bit of creativity, you can turn the space into two rooms - a bathroom and box/study room - by installing a shower and removing the bath.

Having a bath is often seen as a luxury in our increasingly hectic lifestyles. Does having one or not affect a property`s value? Not really.

Some people will insist on having a bath especially if they have young children but a lot of our buyers don`t seem to have a strong preference.

For us, having a bath after a long, busy day is fantastic. Now where did I leave the bath salts?

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